Disinfection using Cloramin B

Given the characteristics of a hot and humid weather, combining with a prolong raining season in Vietnam, this is the ideal condition for pathogens and bacteria to proliferate and affect human health.

Especially at the time when the context of the Covid-19 pandemic is still very complicated and unpredictable, paying more attention to disinfection and hygiene service becomes a must.

Organizations, agencies, schools and hospitals should periodically disinfect their facilities and working places. This will:

  • Reduces the risk of infection because germs and bacteria have no place to live and grow through surfaces.
  • Minimizes the risk of virus spreading from infected patients through droplets that can remain airborne for a prolonged period of time.

What is Cloramin B?

Cloramin B is a specialized chemical used to disinfect surfaces with the main chemical composition being Sodium Benzensulfochleramin. In addition, Cloramin B contains active chlorine which has a strong oxidizing property.

Caution: According to Vietnam Law and Regulations, Disinfection Services using Cloramin B needed to be certified and licensed by the Department of Health.

Preparation of Cloramin B solution

Depending on the specific using purpose, Cloramin B solution will require an appropriate centration ratio. Normally, for epidemic preventive activities, the concentrations of Cloramin B commonly used are 0.5% and 1.25%.

Mixing Method for epidemic prevention activities:

m = (c% x V/C%) x 1000

m: amount of chemical required (g)
c%: concentration of solution after mixed (%)
C%: initial concentration of chlorine-containing chemicals (Cloramin B 25%, Chlorin 70%, Chlorin 90%…)
V: volume of solution after mixed (L)

Example: To make 10 liters of 0.5% Cloramin B solution from Cloramin B 25% powder, it takes (0.5 x 10 / 25) x 1000 = 200 grams.


  • Although it is a recommended chemical to disinfect, Cloramin B can be toxic when mixed at high concentrations ration above 2%.
  • When mixing Cloramin B, it is important to wear rubber gloves and protective masks to ensure labor safety and to avoid working accidents.
  • In the event of Cloramin B poisoning, promptly provide the victim with warm water or sodium bicarbonate to neutralize the chemical.

Disinfection Service at 24H maintenance

At 24H Maintenance, our specialists carry out steps of wearing protective gears before proceeding with the work according to the standard operating procedures of the Vietnam Ministry of Health.

Note: Before, during and after any disinfection service, specialist must always wear surgical masks and goggles.

24H Maintenance specialist performs disinfection spraying

Beside disinfection and hygiene services with Cloramin B, 24H Maintenance also provides insecticidal spray service using residual spraying methods as well as other pest control services.

Our disinfection and pest control services are certified and licensed by the Department of Health.