24H Maintenance provides pest control, insect extermination, and rat control services. We only use chemicals and chemical compounds using in professional pest control that have been tested and approved by the Ministry of Health for effectiveness and safety. Our products are approved to be used in medical and residential area. They are safe for children, people, animals and the environment..

Our targeted customers:

+ Schools, hospitals, markets;
+ Service apartments, offices;
+ Restaurants, hotels, resorts, clubs;
+ Supermarkets, shops, warehouses;
+ Factories, enterprises;
+ Apartments, domestic houses, farms, garden houses.

Depending on insect groups, environmental characteristics, weather climate, individual characteristics of the affected area, we will adjust our chemical mix and chemical usage accordingly. The goal is to optimize the outcome of each project.

+ Depending on specific condition at site, our technicians will employ appropriate specialized equipment.
+ Disinfectant is sprayed to wet the surface from top to bottom in the following order: ceiling, wall.
+ Spray to wet the surface of the floor, the area to be treated, the door area, etc.
+ After 1-2 hours of treatment, ON the ventilation systems to clear the environment & can resume work to normal.
+ Method of treatment: disinfect surfaces where people often come in contact such as floors, doorknobs, table tops, chair surfaces, etc.